A Sussex Wedding

We recently used Pitch for a friends’ wedding, just outside Brighton in July. We were blown away when we arrived. The guys had already been and gone and left our fantastic luxury tent ready and waiting for us (towering over the typical riff-raff of tents that we’re used to taking camping…). The tent itself was clean, spacious and airy, with the finishing touches of a product that clearly wants to impress! And it did! Four of us slept in there very comfortably, with more than enough space for all of our bags and belongings. The beds were big and comfy and the guys at Pitch had thought of everything; all the things we all undoubtedly forget when we go camping. The tents kept us warm during the night and cool during the early morning sun, no more waking up at sunrise gasping for air on a damp, deflated mattress. And the next day, we simply packed up our bags and got in the car, the Pitch guys arrived and dismantled the tent for us, easy as that. Never has camping been more easy and luxurious for us!

No heavy lugging of equipment, no hassle putting up and taking down the tent and once inside it felt more like we were staying in a hotel than in a field. The service we received was fantastic and we would thoroughly recommend Pitch to anyone. We’ll definitely be using them again! Thanks guys!

Dan H, London